Home workout equipment – how to kit yourself out for maximum results

After the recent lockdown announcements, it looks like we will all be at home for a little longer. If you’re planning to use the time to get in shape and create your summer body (the best ones are made in the winter!) then you may be thinking about investing in a few pieces of equipment to enable you to mix up your workouts.

If you’re interested in taking some inspo from the experts, FIIT TV has a number of classes that use equipment such as resistance bands and weights, so if you do need some guidance, there are plenty of experts on hand to help.
Here’s our edit of the seven key pieces of equipment you may need…


A staple of the at-home fitness world, a good set of dumbbells will last you a lifetime and come in handy for all manner of exercises. 

Most often used to tone up arms with exercises like shoulder raises, bicep curls and lateral raises, dumbbells also help you stay flexible and strong and add an extra element to your workouts.  FIIT TV has loads of classes you can check out that use dumbbells from 4 – 16kg. It’s usually advised to leave 48 hours between workouts using weights such as dumbbells, so if you’re a beginner do your research first to see how best to start incorporating them into your fitness regime.

We love these well-priced neoprene Arteesol weights from Amazon. There’s a wide range but the 4kg purple pair are a great place to start. 


Fit balls (or yoga balls) have been a firm favourite for home workouts for years. They are brilliant for anyone who wants to work on their core strength and balance, and there’s a plethora of exercises to be found online if you need a bit of help.

Widely available, we love this super bargain £7.99 65cm ball from Argos – which offers a click and collect service as well as home delivery.

Kettle bell 

Kettlebells are incredible for burning fat and building serious muscles. They are amazingly versatile and can be incorporated into loads of workouts. FIIT recommends that you buy kettlebells between 6kg and 20kg, but if you’re just starting out, we’d recommend you buy at the lower end of the spectrum.

We like this York Fitness vinyl coated bell from Amazon, which qualifies for free delivery and weighs in (!) at just under £25.

Yoga mat

Yoga mats aren’t just for yoga, they come in handy for loads of at-home workouts and are a bit of a Godsend if you have wooden floors! 

Although there are loads of mats on the market with hugely varying price points, we like this eco friendly version from Sweaty Betty, £40. Made from eco-friendly TPE fabric and second-to-none grip, it’s lightweight and stylish, too.

Resistance bands

Bands provide external resistance for your muscles, meaning they benefit from a different dynamic compared to working out with weights and kettlebells. Because of this, they are a very cost effective way of spicing up your workout.

This brightly-coloured set of Gritin bands from Amazon are now just £9.99, making them pretty good value for money!

Step / platform

Steps or fitness platforms give you loads of extra ideas for at-home cardio, and can be used alongside plenty of streamed workouts or good old fashioned exercise DVDs! High impact step routines can be a real fat burner if added to your routine a few times a week.

We love this Phoenix Fitness Aerobics Step which is available from Next Online for just £30.

Foam roller

Foam rollers are a great bit of kit if you’re a regular runner or fitness buff. Essentially an at-home recovery tool, they can be the next best thing to physio or massage, which is pretty crucial in lockdown.You can buy them smooth or textured, so check out and compare the best ones for you before purchase.  Women’s Health mag has this handy guide if you’re wanting to find out more, but we love this Core Balance Foam Roller which is £17.99 from Amazon, with free delivery.