Six ideas for winter workout motivation

It’s winter, we are in lockdown, the mornings are dark and cold – if your motivation for working out is a little on the low side, we hear you sister! 

That said, we all know how bracing and invigorating being outside is for exercise. The fresh air wakes your senses and clears your mind, and getting back into the warmth afterwards and into a hot shower just feels. so. good…

So, if you are determined to start the year off with a bang and work out in the great outdoors, here are five ideas to motivate you…

Be an early bird!

In the depths of winter, the nights draw in so fast that it can be pretty much dark by 4pm. Not ideal for motivation. If you’re home schooling or looking after little ones, time can slip through your fingers and, before you know it, it’s too late to go out for exercise. 

With that in mind, why not set the alarm for 30 minutes earlier and get your fitness for the day done and dusted before you get going? The mornings can be very pretty, so make the most of this quiet time and get shizzle done! 

For an extra incentive, lay out your workout gear, trainers and water bottle before you go to bed to eliminate any sleepy excuses.

You’ll feel more motivated and energised for the rest of the day – trust us! 

Invest in some winter kit

It goes without saying that you need to adjust your kit for winter workouts, so invest in a few good quality pieces to see you through the winter months. We are fans of slow quality fashion – which is much preferable over fast, poorly made garments that won’t last.

We love the ZAAZEE Ayla long sleeved top, which is excellent for cold weather running. Made from soft, durable Italian fabric, it features a zip pocket, reflective dots and thumb holes and makes a fab base layer. What’s more, it’s currently on sale…

For long leggings to keep your pins toasty warm, try the On Running long tights which have developed somewhat of a cult following with runners. These great looking leggings are lightweight yes insulating and perfect for training in chilly weather. They sell out fast but the website is restocked often. 

Use the playground

If you live in the city, town or country, chances are you live near a playground. Head out early doors and make use of the equipment for a full body workout! Playground bars, slides and benches are useful for exercises such as pull ups, bench presses, and box jumps, so devise your own workout depending on the kit to hand, and make use of the space. 

You can even have a go while the kids are playing, to squeeze in some fat burning moves for five minutes. 

Challenge yourself 

Apps such as Strava and Couch to 5k feature monthly challenges, such as running a marathon in a month or aiming to smash 50k over the course of a few weeks.  Setting yourself a challenge can help you to stay focused, motivated and driven.  

The current lockdown restrictions allow you to work out with one buddy as long as you stay local and keep to social distancing guidelines, so team up with a mummy friend and give each other some real life kudos. 

Get on your bike!

If you have a bike, winter rides are a great way to squeeze in some cardio and clock up come miles. Cycling burns fat and builds muscle, which is great for weight loss if you are looking to ditch those extra Christmas pounds, getting on your bike is a great way to accomplish this in a healthy way. 

This exercise also gives your glutes, quads, calves and hamstrings a work out, so you can tighten up and feel great. 

Reward yourself 

Getting out there every day is truly amazing – and if you manage a few days in a row of outdoor fitness, we think you deserve a big treat! So whether it’s a long, uninterrupted soak in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, or a Friday night slice of pizza, go for it! Winter fitness is all about balance, and staying happy in lockdown is just as important as keeping fit.