Here we go again! As the UK gloomily stumbles into the second lockdown, and collectively sighs at the thought of being stuck indoors for the next few weeks, we have decided to take a proactive approach to our mental and physical wellbeing here at Buump HQ.

As well as ensuring that you eat well, stay hydrated and get some fresh air and exercise, here are five new wellness trends for you to try out as we hunker down for hibernation…


CBD infused products, be they skincare creams, gummies or pillow mists, are definitely here to stay. CBD  – or Cannabinol – is a natural constituent of hemp and cannabis, a plant that has been utilised as medicine for hundreds of years by many cultures.
Although CBD has been around for a good while, mainly in oil or capsule form, it’s now being used in a wide variety of products, and even by big brands such as The Body Shop.
CBD tea is a brilliant product if you’re looking to ease your way into the CBD arena, and we love the female-led brand The Tonic’s range of premium CBD teas – especially the Black Mango variety!
This robust black tea from southern India is blended with fresh sweet mango and lime to ensure a balanced and full taste, and infused with The Tonic’s unique water-soluble CBD extract, the most easily absorbed CBD available with almost 100% bioavailability.
We love a cuppa in the early evening to help wind down for the night…

Fermented foods

Gut health is super important, and fermented foods – including kimchi and sauerkraut – have been hitting the headlines in recent years, because of their good-bacteria boosting or probiotic properties. You can read more about the health benefits of fermented foods at the BBC Good Food website, here…
If you fancy having a go at fermenting your own veggies, check out The Plucky Pickle on Instagram, who shows you easy recipes for making fermented foods and runs online workshops. Or, if you’d prefer to let the professionals do the hard work, try the incredible range of kimchi, sauerkraut and kombucha at Loving Foods – we are huuuge fans of the Hot n Smoky Kimchi, which has recently scooped a Good Taste Award! Yummy as well as functional. 

Smart pillows and pillow cases 

It was only a matter of time…The humble pillow has been given an upgrade! A quick online search will show you pillows that stop you from snoring, bluetooth-enabled pillows that wake you up with your favourite songs, cooling pillows that keep you chilled and even beautifying pillows that claim to boost your skincare routine.
We are intrigued by the NanuSleep Yu-Nu pillowcase, which (according to their website) is “clinically proven to repair, replenish and protect your skin cells as you sleep, allowing you to keep your microbiome balanced”.  It uses the same organic probiotics found in fresh fruits and vegetables, which helps you to “wake up with rejuvenated skin”. Beauty while we sleep? We are up for giving it a go!

Circadian lighting 

Tuning into and understanding your body’s circadian rhythms could be the key to getting a better night’s sleep, according to many experts.
The blue light emitted by devices and most regular household bulbs can trick our brains into staying alert and awake, so the best thing you can do is to invest in some circadian friendly lighting for your bedroom or living space, 
You can buy blue-light-free bulbs for £19.99 here, which are touted to help your body wind down and relax before you drift off to sleep.

Mental health tech 

We know the importance of using tech to connect us and boost our wellbeing – of course we do – and if Lockdown 2.0 is filling you with fear and anxiety, digital mental health and therapy apps might just be the answer to your problems…
The men-tech space has boomed in 2020, and as the world went even more digital than before, many people have turned to apps such as Headspace and Mindscape to give their mental wellbeing a boost.
Building on incredible apps such as these, there are now platforms and other apps for virtual and digital therapy, too. TalkSpace offers live video counselling with thousands of licensed therapists, and Feelya matches you with accredited, carefully vetted psychotherapists for private and secure video (or audio) sessions, all within the digital arena. 
As with all mental health issues, please do talk to your GP or give MIND a call if you feel like you are not coping.
Have you discovered a new wellness trend or product that is helping you to deal with the corona-coaster? Tell us about it!