If you’re a mum of a school-aged child, chances are you will be having a slight panic as you think about all of the things you need to do to get back to school ready. 

Check out our handy guide to revolutionising and upgrading your planning, your organisation skills and your school run routine…

Here goes…

Get school uniform ready!

The new term is looming, so it’s super important that you have everything you need for the kids as they start school, or start back in a new class. The school closures in March and national lockdown may have thrown you out of your usual routine, and taken up a lot of valuable head space, so take your time and write a huge list of everything you need, and ensure everything is ticked off over the next week or so.

As well as all aspects of school uniform, don’t forget underwear, socks, bobbles, wellies for school, PE kit upgrades and stationery…

Smart hack – If you need to write your child’s name on every piece of clothing they own, look no further than Stamptastic stamps!  This brilliant little life hack will save you loads of time and hassle, eliminate the need for sewing or ironing name tags, and last for years.  Simply add your child’s name to the online form and the clever team will send you a personalised stamp and an ink pad.

The stamped names last for ages, last through multiple washes and can even be used on wood and some plastics, as well as clothing and other materials. 

Get school term ready! 

Every mum knows that getting ready for the new term seems like a gargantuan task. There are just so so many things to remember, and sometimes your phone diary just won’t cut it.

We are huge fans of proper tangible planners and diaries for the school term, as you can easily update them, stick in school forms and scribble down phone numbers as you go along. We love this super cute, good value for money planner from WH Smith’s…

Smart hack – Grab a wipeable weekly wall planner and pen (like this one) and stick it to your fridge. Every Sunday night, add in the bigger things you need to remember and write them on. You’ll be able to see, at a glance, what needs doing and who’s going where, every morning. 

Get school-run ready!

If mornings are a veritable nightmare of running around, shouting at various children and feeling like you’re about to explode, you are not alone. The school run makes most of us sigh and feel slightly anxious! 

After several months of waking up whenever you like, thanks to COVID19 and the UK lockdown, you need to make sure you are super ready for the new term. As well as sending the kids to school with everything they need, being organised will also help you to feel calmer and more in control. 

Take 30 minutes every evening and get school ready for the morning. Don’t just get uniforms out and shine shoes, lay everything out that you’ll need, including your own clothes. Get breakfast dishes ready and know what you’re serving. Consultant your diary or planner to find out what clubs and groups the kids have and get their kit ready.  A few moments the evening before will result in a much calmer morning routine for all. 

Another good tip is to do a week of school time bedtimes and wake-ups with the kids, to get them used to the new schedule. 

Smart hack – The 5am Club – Now, before you run off screaming – hear us out. The revolutionary 5am Club book is a bit of a Bible for those looking to own their mornings and change their lives. 

Legendary leadership and elite performance expert Robin Sharma introduced The 5am Club concept over twenty years ago, based on a morning routine that help with health and serenity.  The author believes that early rising will upgrade your happiness, helpfulness and feelings of aliveness. Do you dare?? 

What are your school ready tips?