Like many mums, your exercise routine has probably been thrown into turmoil over the last few months with gym closures, pool closures and social distancing.

Never fear though, if you’re spending a lot more time at home now because of Covid19 and the local lockdowns, you can actually build yourself a pretty nifty workout using household objects and furniture!

Here are our Buump Active top tips for success, with six ways to incorporate household objects into your fitness regime…

  1. Use a chair or stool for tricep dips 

You can manage some pretty amazing tricep dips using a chair or sturdy stool (the IKEA Bekvam step stool works really well if you have one!). Simply use the part you sit on to push yourself off the floor – to see how, check out this simple guide

This easy peasy exercise will tone those triceps and give your shoulders a workout too.

  1. Use laundry detergent bottles as kettlebell weights

Working out with a kettlebell can give you great results quickly, but you can use a full laundry detergent bottle to good effect if you don’t have one at home.

Try the definitive kettlebell swing with your bottle, and you’ll soon see your body responding. Simply swing the weight between your legs and then stand up in between swings – this will tone your bum and burn calories, too. 

  1. Stairs step-ups 

Use your first step on the stairs to do step ups – simple, easy to do anywhere and really effective at getting your blood pumping!  Try doing 20 at first and then build up your reps gradually to 50. A great way to start a workout! You can even do them whenever you walk up the stairs, keeping your active all day. 

  1. Sofa sit-ups

If your sofa is slightly raised off the floor at the bottom, hook your toes under for an easy way to do sofa sit-ups! Add to your usual stomach crunches routine to give your abs a thorough work out. You can also use the edge of the sofa to do raised press ups or even mountain climbers, giving you a great all-round workout for your legs and arms, too.

  1. Bean can free weights 

The standard 400g bean cans make perfect free weights. Extend your arms to shoulder height to each side, and raise your arms from your waist back up. These side lateral arm raises will strengthen your shoulders and engage your deltoid muscles for a great arm workout. Good for toning up what are sometimes called (urgh) bingo wings…

  1. Work out your waist with a broom

To really target your obliques (the muscles that run down the side of your abdomen), and tone your waist up, grab a broom or (dry!) mop, and put it behind your head, resting on your shoulders horizontally. Stand with your feet hip /shoulder width apart, and twist to each side until you can feel your muscles engaging. This is a brilliant way to give your waist a workout and you’ll soon see a difference when you put your favourite dress or tight top on!

Check out the NHS website which has some amazing ideas for home workouts using furniture and household objects…