Getting active is one thing, but staying active amongst life’s continual curveballs is something else. Making excuses is easy for anyone, but mums of young children often have a lot on their plates, so working out isn’t always top of the agenda.

We take a look at the most common excuses for not getting active, and how to deal with them as they crop up…

  1. It’s too cold / rainy to go outside

To be completely fair, seeing the rain pelt down outside through the window has never been the biggest motivator when it comes to working out. But, if you really don’t fancy fighting the elements, work out indoors instead. Simple.

If you want to get your heart pumping with some cardio, check out FIIT TV where their plethora of trained PT’s have classes on offer to suit any style – all beamed directly onto your living room telly, or via your smart device. 

At-home HIIT workouts are great for making you sweat and fan for burning off fat, and – if you add some hand weights – you’ll really up the ante. 

  1. I don’t have anything to wear

Good quality, supportive and long-lasting gym gear really does give you a boost, and most online labels are still open for business during the lockdown if you fancy treating yourself. 

If you are strapped for cash, as many are during these strange times, just make sure you invest in a decent sports bra and some good trainers.  And if you have to make do with your old trackies and your fella’s t-shirts for now, so be it! The important thing is the doing.

As an aside, if you do want to buy some new gear, please do consider independent labels rather than the big brands and support the small players in the industry in these tough times. 

  1. I’m bored with my routine

It’s so common to lose motivation if you are bored doing the same old thing, but do not despair! There are tonnes of resources around to give you some much needed inspo…

If you are finding it hard to push your way out of your comfort zone, consider making some small changes at first – run a new route, try a new indoor class, add a few new moves to your HIIT routine. After that, you can start adding whole new areas to your workout routine – yoga, pilates, body combat, dance – the list is endless. 

Our blog and advice page contains loads of articles on different kinds of workouts, so get reading and get moving!

  1. I don’t have the time

 Not having time is probably one of the most common excuses – especially for mums. Your time is often used for the benefit of others – looking after the kids, taking care of the family, planning and working. Time spent solely on yourself can feel hard to come by. 

It’s so important to note that you are important too, and if working out was important to you pre baby, chances are that fitness is still very much on your radar. Make the time, even if it’s just a few times a week. Take the time out to workout, and – if you can – have a soak in the bath afterwards and stick a face mask on! You can’t pour from any empty cup, so prioritise some self care. Your whole family will thank you for it. 

  1. I don’t have anyone to exercise with

 Working out alone can feel isolating, and it’s so easy to lose motivation when you don’t have anyone to give you a mental boost . At Buump Active, we know how important it is to have supportive friends around you for motivation, so jump on our app and find some like-minded mums in your area to chat to, meet up and get active.

A workout buddy will keep you on track, motivate you, ensure that you stay accountable and provide company as well as being your cheerleader. And you can do the same for them, which is empowering as well as kind.  What’s not to love?

You can download the Buump Active app directly onto your IOS or Android phone by visiting our homepage.