After five weeks in lockdown, you may be getting a little stuck in your ways with your daily fitness routine.

Firstly though, if you are finding the time to exercise, even if you are doing the same thing day in, day out, well done! Many mums are struggling with motivation in this strange situation, so give yourself a pat on the back for making the space and powering on.

Shaking up your routine can have many benefits for your body and mind. You can build up new muscles, break through fitness barriers and – most importantly – keep yourself from getting bored so you enjoy staying active.

Here are five ideas to help make a change…

  1. Be brave with your online workouts 

Most of us are such creatures of habit when it comes to exercise, and taking online fitness classes is often no exception. We gravitate towards the same trainers and the same routines or programmes, and stick to what we know.

Buump Active partners with online fitness platforms FIIT, which offers a large number of programmes led by a number of highly qualified PT’s who all specialise in different areas, including a specific programme for post natal fitness. Why not log on and try a class that you have never done before, just once a week? You’ll soon find some new routines that you like, and chances are you’ll meet some of your fitness targets sooner, too.

FIIT has a 14 day free trial if you want to give it a whirl…

  1. Create a living room disco

One way to create some fun memories, keep your energy levels up and get a cardio boost is to put on a living room disco for the kids. Ramp up the dance music, close the curtains and crack out the disco ball or flashing lights, and dance until you’re ready to flop!  Dancing energetically for 30 minutes can burn around 200 calories, so get your Lycra on and wave your glow sticks! The kids will have loads of fun too.

Alternatively, stick your AirPods in and dance every evening on your own to your favourite tunes for half an hour. You can even grab a hair brush and lip-sync into the mirror if you like, your secret is safe with us!

  1. Add small weights or dumbbells

Adding small weights or dumbbells into your usual workout routine can do wonders – it will add lean muscle and strength, smash through fitness barriers and tone up your body.

If you don’t have any dumbbells, order some online for delivery and research ways to use them while you do squats, lunges, abdominal crunches and more.

Check out these tips in Women’s Health magazine online, and get cracking!

  1. Try combat or boxercise

If you fancy really switching up your routine, invest in a couple of boxing pads and a pair of boxing gloves, and rope in your partner for some serious sweat! There are countless YouTube tutorials on how to jab, cross and uppercut safely with a partner, and you can bet your bottom dollar it’ll help with your stress levels, too.

For extra cardio, go full Rocky and get yourself a skipping rope!

  1. Garden interval training

Make the most of the fresh air and (intermittent!) sunny weather and create your own HIIT interval workout in your garden.  Set up “stations” for burpees, squats, mountain climbers, push ups and abdominal crunches and see how many sets you can do in 15 minutes.

The high intensity workout will really get your heart rate up, and you always can squeeze in 15 minutes during the day, even if you vary the times. Don’t forget to stretch before and after to eliminate the chance or injury, strains or aching muscles.