The habits we adapt and live by can have a profound effect on our lives. Many coaches and therapists focus very much on how we can identify the habits that we have, nurture the ones which serve us, and get rid of or change the ones that don’t, so we can (pardon the cheesy expression) be our best selves, and live our best lives.

The lockdown situation has turned all of our lives upside down, in many different ways. You might be a single mum coping with working from home and looking after the kids at the same time, or you may have been furloughed and find yourself at a loose end or with more time on your hands than usual. It may be having a nurturing effect on your family relationships, or it might have magnified some issues that were already bubbling under the surface. 

Whatever your challenge, we firstly want to say – well done! You are undoubtedly doing the best you can in whatever situation you find yourself in, so give yourself a pat on the back and go easy on yourself if you don’t feel 100% right now!

Despite circumstances, there may be one of two ways that we can tweak our habits to have a big, positive effect on both our mental, and physical wellbeing. 

Here are five ideas for breaking or building good healthy habits during the Covid-19 situation. 

1. DO – Get out for a walk (or run!) every day

It can be easy to stay in, and let the kids run around in the garden (if you are lucky enough to have one), but getting into the habit of being sedentary can have a negative impact on how you feel.  

Even if you go out for a 30 minute brisk walk alone, a quick run or a stomp with your household, try and make yourself go out every day, get some fresh air into your lungs, get your heart rate up and take in some alternative scenery, You’ll feel more energised and much happier as a result. 

2. DON’T – Snack in the evening 

Snacking or drinking too much in the evening is a very easy habit to slip into, and one that mums the world over beat themselves up for. Even though it’s very comforting, constant overeating or “rewarding” yourself with a glass of wine every night can soon have a negative impact on your health, your wellbeing – and your waistline too! 

Anglo-Aussie blogger, broadcaster and all-round super mum, Mim Jenkinson, talks a lot about habits and how to break, change or adopt them, and helps mums find practical ways to be more organised, healthier and much happier all round. Mim has made a podcast specifically about the habit of snacking or drinking too much in the evening on her Busy Mum, Balanced Life platform which is very much worth listening to – you can find the link and listen via your phone, device or laptop here

3. DO – Drink more water

Some people are great at drinking loads of water throughout the day, and others barely drink anything apart from constant cups of tea or coffee. Staying well hydrated will make you feel more focused and alert, less brain-foggy, and your skin will thank you for it, too.

Set yourself a task for a month with a tick-off list or sticker chart, and aim to drink 2-3 litres of water a day. You may have to really force yourself at first but you will reap the benefits if you can get into the habit of drinking more H2O! 

4. DON’T – Lie in every morning 

School’s out for the Spring (and maybe even the Summer!), so no doubt the morning routine is out of the window. Even so, if you have got into a new habit of staying in bed later every morning, try and wake yourself up by setting an alarm, and either get cracking with an at-home workout, or jump straight into the shower if you can. 

This will create a new, more empowering habit of getting ready for the day and feeling more energised. And even if it feels unnecessary to get up if you don’t really have to, you will get more done and feel far more productive as a result. 

Check out the Buump Active homepage for links to FIIT, the online fitness platform that we are very proud to partner with! 

5. DO – Work on your wellbeing 

The lockdown situation has given us all the chance to do some serious self reflection, so don’t let these thoughts go to waste! Find some self help books, podcasts or tutorials that you feel will benefit your growth, and make a habit of carving out 30 mins a day to have some quiet time to work on your inner self. 

If it means you have to escape for a bath and stick your headphones on, or go to bed earlier to read a book (rather than watching one more episode of Tiger King on Netflix, probably!) so be it. It’s not often that we get a chance to jump off the hamster wheel for a few weeks, so turn it into a positive for your wellbeing and emerge from this crisis with a new perspective. 


What healthy habits can you adapt to benefit your life?