As we enter the second phase of lockdown, many mums are struggling to keep the kids entertained. Younger children who are used to structure are out of their routine, and older children are missing their friends and wider family connections.

Although the weather is being kind to us with sunny days and warmer temperatures, and there is some school work to get done every day, there’s only so much garden play, board games and screen time the kids will enjoy before you will hear the familiar chimes of “muuuum, I’m bored!”

One thing is certain though; we are living through a very notable period in history that, just a few weeks ago, seemed like a Hollywood movie story line! With that in mind, why not keep the kids entertained, educated and engaged by making a Lockdown Time Capsule? 

You can include all manner of things, but here are a few ideas for starters…

  • Collate some media articles and make a news scrapbook

Make a news story scrapbook as the Coronavirus situation unfolds by cutting out news articles from the paper, or printing out online articles, and sticking them in?

Get creative with headlines and decorate the book with stickers, drawings and other bits and bobs, and make your own historical document that you will almost certainly look back on with some amazement in years to come…

  • Keep a lockdown diary!

A great one for the kids, buy them an exercise book or jotter each, and ask them to keep a daily journal for the lockdown period. They can talk about what they have done that day, what school work had to be completed, how they feel and what they are enjoying and not enjoying.

Keeping a journal can also be an important tool for mental wellbeing, as the cathartic process of writing down your thoughts and feelings can be a good stress reliever – even for little ones.

  • Make a family lockdown photo album

Take loads of pictures of your daily walks, crafts the kids have made, family group shots – capture everything! If you can print them out at home, do so – or save them on your phone or laptop until you can use the supermarket photo printers once again or send them off to be printed.

Most photo albums are digital nowadays, but it can be nice to have an old-school book to flip through!

  • Include some crafts 

If your kids are avid crafters, including some of their creations will be a lovely way to remember how you used the time during lockdown, and really captures the moment!

  • Draw a picture 

If they can’t write a journal, younger children can draw pictures instead – so ask them to create some drawings of the family, and stuff they have done that day. A quick caption and date stamp from mum will sum up the picture’s contents, so future viewings will be easy to understand.

  • Keep some flyers and mail shots! 

You might throw away take out menus and mail shots before they are even looked at usually, but make a note to check out the mail and keep any flyers that talk about the lockdown, the Coronavirus pandemic and what’s on offer by local businesses. These little things will make for interesting reading in years to come…


If you have made a lockdown time capsule, what did you include? Send us your pictures and ideas!