The COVID-19 advice for British people is changing rapidly, and the unprecedented situation regarding home working, social distancing, isolation periods and even a potential lockdown in some areas is unnerving us all and making everyone feel – understandably – uneasy, worried and unsure.

With schools closed (for the exception of children of key workers) and most families expecting to be at home for extended periods, looking after yourself and prioritising the physical health and mental wellbeing of your family is more important than ever.

With this in mind, here are seven tips for making your social distancing period as calm and healthy as possible…

1. Stay active

Staying indoors doesn’t immediately sound conducive to staying fit and healthy, but – luckily – technology allows us incredible access to a range of live streamed and downloadable fitness classes and exercise regimes.

Buump Active partners with streamed fitness service FIIT TV, which provides incredible classes such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, combat and strength training – all in your living room and whenever you want. They use in-demand trainers and can even tailor personal workout plans for you that can be tracked on your phone. There’s currently a 14 day free trial if you want to test it out and see how you get on. 

Make it part of your morning routine to get up and get active before you start your day. Get the kids involved where possible, and make sure you work up a sweat every day. You’ll feel so much better for it!

2. Get some fresh air (if you can!)

If you can go for a walk, head to the countryside or even have 20 minutes in the garden, get out there and get some fresh air in your lungs. 

Letting the kids have a run around will do wonders too, as they will no doubt struggle with being cooped up indoors for extended periods, especially if parents have to work from home. 

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go out, just take the appropriate safety measures and stay vigilant with hand washing at all times. It goes without saying that, if you are self isolating, you are advised to stay indoors at all times.

3. Eat regularly and snack less

It can be so tempting to reach for the unhealthy snacks when you’re stuck at home all day, but try and avoid the temptation and enjoy three regular, healthy meals a day instead. 

Staying healthy physically and eating as well as you can will help you feel better, stay strong and help your immune system to work at its best. 

If you do want to snack, try and eat fresh fruit, veggie sticks, home made dips and unsalted nuts instead of sugary or fatty treats…

4. Stay hydrated

Central heating can zap your hydration levels, so do yourself a favour and keep a big bottle of water with you at all times! Aim to fill it up three or more times a day.

Drinking lots of water will keep your brain healthy too, keep you focused and make you feel better all round when you’re stuck indoors.  Don’t forget the kids, and let them follow your lead with their own water bottle. There are loads of personalised ones available on eBay if you want to make it more exciting for them!

5. Schedule calm times

It can be easy to catastrophize in times like this, and understandably so. But rather than reading endless social feeds and media articles about the ever-changing situation, conspiracy theories and the gloomy outlook for many sectors, take some time out every day to quieten your mind with a guided meditation, prayer session or even a soak in the bath with a good book. If that doesn’t work, watch one of your favourite movies in the evening and put your phone and devices away for the duration. 

Stop looking at your phone and stay off social media for at least 30 minutes or an hour before bed, and read or sit quietly instead.  Keeping your mind healthy and strong is just as important as keeping your body fit. Remember to give yourself these time-outs so you can de-stress and stay calm. 

6. Stay connected 

We are so lucky to have the technology to stay connected to our friends with apps, social media and video-chat platforms such as FaceTime, Skype and Zoom.

Check in on your friends with young babies, single parents and elderly relatives and try and get connected with the same apps and platforms so you can keep chatting and stay in touch if we are isolated.

Keep talking and don’t shut yourself off, human connection is important – especially in times like this. 

If you have school-age kids, let them Skype or FaceTime their buddies too. Staying in touch will feel important to them, too. 

 7. Get into a routine 

Although it may feel like all bets are off at the moment, getting into a routine with the same bed times, get up times, bath times and meal times will make you feel more organised and ready to face the day.

Grab a chalk board and write up a schedule for the day, building in times for fitness, work, meals, TV and fun, and work in some craft sessions or home baking to keep the spirits up. Keep making your beds and tidying up, and make lists of things you have and things you need so you can feel less stressed and more structured. 

We can’t change what’s happening, but we can change how we respond, and the calmer we remain, the easier it will be for everyone. We shall prevail!


From all at Buump Active, stay strong and stay safe.