Parents nationwide have become home educators overnight, in light of the ever-changing COVID-19 situation.

Although it may not be possible to provide hours of support if you too are working from home, there are lots of resources available to make life easier for you. And – incredibly – lots of learning platforms and apps are making their resources free during the Coronavirus pandemic closures.

Here are six of the best home learning resources…

1. Twinkl

Twinkl is a fabulous treasure trove of learning resources, and has even created a home schooling hub during the enforced closures. The hub includes loads of ideas for teaching at home, and features schedules for you to follow every day with links to Facebook lives and YouTube sessions where your kids can watch, learn and take part.

The Twinkl website boasts the world’s largest collection of teaching materials, and includes award-winning planning schemes, assessment packs and interactive digital activities.

2. Phonics Play

This popular site, which provides interactive phonics play games and lots more educational resources, has made its site free for all during the coronavirus pandemic. Use the username March20 and the password home for immediate free access. 

Getting to grips with phonics can help with reading, writing and will support your child’s school curriculum. Please note, you will need a flash player to take part in some of the games and activities. 

3. Letterjoin 

This great handwriting resource is usually for schools, and many primary schools have log details that they can share at this unprecedented time where we are all becoming fast tracked in homeschooling! 

It combines interactive animations and worksheets, so kids can have fun whilst practicing their cursive handwriting technique.

4. BBC Bitesize

This platform is quite frankly a phenomenal resource at this time. You can find tutorials, games and ideas for any age and any subject, and it all falls in line with the key stage curriculum.

BBC Bitesize is uploading more and more content every day to help parents during the Coronavirus pandemic school closures. 

Let the kids pick a topic every day for them to look into and explore – for example, they could learn about coding, find out how the Chinese celebrate new year with amazing videos and games, learn basic French, figure out how caterpillars change into butterflies and follow art and craft tutorials.  The list is endless and it will feel like fun, rather than education! 

5. GoNoodle

This brilliant platform and YouTube channel encourages kids to get moving, and helps with mindfulness too with fun videos created by child development experts. It’s available completely free for home and school use. Children of any age – and mums and dads – will have loads of fun dancing and jumping about, so get moving, be mindful and have a great time. 

6. White Rose Maths

This fantastic maths platform has reacted to the COVID-19 shutdowns by preparing a series of five maths lessons for each year group for kids aged 4 – 12, and there are more uploads to come. 

Every lesson comes with a short video showing parents clearly and simply how to help the kids complete the activity successfully, so you can turn it into a family ritual, even if you just do two a week for now. 


If you find any amazing free educational resources, please do share your favourites and we can update as we go along!

Stay safe. Stay home. 

The Buump Active Team