A new year is a great time to make resolutions or good intentions, think about your health and plan for the year ahead. Wellness has been one of the buzzwords for the past 12 months, and Buump Active was even included in a recent round up of trends by the Evening Standard!

With this in mind, we have compiled our own edit of our favourite trends that we think new mums should embrace in 2020. Word.

1. Home workouts

New streaming technology means that home workouts have come a very long way since we all bopped along to out Mr Motivator video back in the day.

So, if fluorescent Lycra and bum-bags aren’t your thing, take advantage of streaming services and get some incredible, professional, tailored workouts delivered directly to your TV or device.

FIIT TV partners with Buump Active to provide incredible classes such as yoga, pilates, HIIT, combat and strength training – all in your living room and whenever you want. They use in-demand trainers and can tailor personal workout plans for you that can be tracked on your phone, even specialising in post-natal fitness. Sometimes, technology just wins, doesn’t it. This is one of those times.

2. Sustainable activewear

Fast fashion has been in the headlines for the wrong reasons over the last few years, and finally, the trend for disposable, cheap clothing is coming to an end. Activewear is a category that truly spans all sectors from super-cheap, badly made tat to luxury, long-lasting, well-made pieces. 

We prefer the latter, and think that investing in beautiful, well made, technical fabrics that transcend the seasons and last for years is the way forward.

Bump Activewear is a maternity fitness gear brand that is ethically and environmentally conscious. The gorgeously-designed pieces in always-fashionable colours will see you through your pregnancy, ensuring you always look fab and feel supported. 

If you’re breastfeeding, we LOVE Ottilie Active sports bras, designed for easy access for hungry babs. What’s more, Buump Active members can check out a cheeky discount at the moment…

And, for after your pregnancy and beyond, British brand ZAAZEE – with kit made slowly using highly advanced technical fabrics – is one to look up. Many of the pieces are bold yet plain with minimal branding, meaning that they will always look great, whatever the season.  What’s more, the gear is designed to help women look great and feel good, with supportive materials and high waist bands – and it washes well, too!

3. Working out with friends

Working out alone can edge towards the boring, so finding friends to join your fitness squad can revolutionise your active life. Enlist buddies to meet up with for Parkrun, take a partner to the gym so you can help each other get to grip with the weights, or get some mates together for a 90’s themed dance-ercise class! You’ll have fun, and what’s more, you’ll find motivation and accountability within these relationships. What’s not to love?

Buump Active helps you find friends in your area with similar fitness interests or goals, so get searching! 

4. Getting out into the wild!

Running, hiking, walking – all better when done in the wilds of the countryside!  Getting out of the city or town and into the wilderness will do your soul and mind good, as well as your body.

Join a local running club that takes advantage of the countryside, or buy a hiking route book, some walking boots and a backpack carrier for the little one and get trekking.

5. Ditching the wine

The sober movement isn’t slowing down, and even if you don’t fancy cutting out the booze altogether, the messages are getting across – drinking wine every night or even a few times a week may be having a detrimental affect on your health.

If you still love a glass of bubbles of a Friday night, no problem – just cut out the booze in the week and save the Prosecco for weekends. Drink more water instead and feel the health benefits after just a few days. 

6. Saying no

This may not be a wellness trend as such, but learning to say no is an important step forward for your mental wellbeing.  When you have children, you can feel yourself pulled in many directions with requests for help, social invites, family occasions and more. And, when the kids go to school, the pressure can pile up even more with call outs for help from the PTA and more. 

It can feel daunting to say no, but stripping back some of the pressures will do wonders for your sense of peace and happiness, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed or on the brink of burn-out.

Politely decline, say no with kindness and bat off anything that may be too much for you. Your future self will thank you! 

What are your favourite wellness trends for 2020?