December may be full of mince pies, party food and an excuse for snuggly nights on the sofa with the fam, but January will soon be upon us, and fitness and health will be back in focus before you can say Christmas cracker. 

With this in mind, Buump Active’s founder, Rebecca McGoff, has some motivation for you if you have plans to make 2020 your year for getting back to fitness.

Here are Rebecca’s top six tips for mums, for staying focused and getting active in 2020…

1. Find your WHY

“Getting motivated to move when it’s cold outside is hard enough, and there’s a general consensus that New Year’s resolutions should begin in February when January has shuffled away into oblivion…

“Still, finding your WHY is the most important thing you can do to set your focus, find your centre and make a plan!  Whether you’ve just had a baby, or you’re still trying to find your motivation to get back to being active after maternity leave, your WHY will define your goals.

“You may want to set a good example for your children or baby, feel altogether healthier, get your confidence back or return to your pre-baby activity levels. Have a think about what you want to achieve and what will really drive you to succeed.”

2. Set some goals

“After figuring out your why, get a plan in place! How will you get to where you want to be, and when by? 

“Try and set some (very realistic) targets or goals, and use apps, trackers, wall charts or your diary – whatever it takes – to ensure that fitness and activity is firmly in place in your life. 

“It’s often been said that you have to make time for exercise, especially when you are a mum, but priotisting fitness is a great form of self care.”

3. Find a buddy! 

“It’s so much easier to get active when you have a cheerleader, and finding friends to work out with is the best way to find yours!  I created Buump Active with Sport England because I know how difficult it is to make friends and get active when you have had a baby.  

“The app allows you to locate like-minded mummy friends in your area that you can team up with to get active, so get searching and find a buddy – or even a squad – to go to the gym with, take part in Park Run, whatever floats your boat! 

“Friends will help you to stay motivated, and most importantly, keep you accountable, which is worth its weight in gold.”

4. Eat well

“Getting active is one thing, but eating well will help you to complete the picture. You don’t have to follow a specific plan, just be good to yourself.  Fill up on veggies, stay away from sugary treats, eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water.  

“Fuelling your body with healthy, fresh and wholesome foods will make you feel a million times better, and help you to ditch those December blues after filling up on Christmas pud and giant turkey sandwiches over the festive season!”

5. Try Dry January

“Cutting out alcohol and going sober is gaining momentum and becoming a popular movement for many, so if you’re partial to a glass of wine of an evening, or like to enjoy a few beers when you go out with the girls, try cutting it out for January to see what a difference it makes to you, both physically and mentally. 

“Chances are you will have over indulged in December (unless you are with a bump, of course!) so a sober month may be just the kick start you need.”

6. Be kind to yourself! 

“Most importantly, be kind to yourself and don’t beat yourself up. If you have a bad day, decide to stay in on a cold, rainy Saturday morning rather than do the local Park Run, don’t worry. Tomorrow is another day, and getting back to fitness after having a baby isn’t always easy.  Go easy on yourself, you’re doing great!

“Keep your mind focused on your why, and you’ll soon get your mojo back!”

Buump Active is the world’s first connection app dedicated to helping mums to get active after having a baby. Check it out on iOS or Android now, and join our growing movement of mums.