Abigail Irozoru – World Class GB athlete, motivational coach/ speaker and all-round inspirational woman – battled back from career-threatening injuries to compete in her first ever World Championships this year.

An incredible year for women in athletics, Doha 2019 really was all about the Mums!

And, for someone who thought she’d retired 3 years ago, we’re super proud to say Abigail smashed it 🙌

Now enjoying a bit of well-earned rest, Abigail has written this guest blog exclusively for our #buumpcrew mums…

About the Mothers 

It was the year of the mother. With the likes of Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, Allyson Felix and Shaunae Miller-Uibo dominating, how could it not be?

These women are not only athletes; they are mothers. They’re superheroes. 

Everybody was inspired by their performances. 

Many tweets were basically along the lines of – oh, so we’ve been getting it all wrong! We need to have babies first and then the medals come. 


Allyson Felix also made history, less than a year after giving birth – to an 8-weeks’ premature baby girl, Camryn, becoming the first athlete – man or woman – to win 12 medals in the history of the World Championships. A-MAZE-ING!

I know there’s this myth that women cannot dominate after having a baby – in the workplace, in life. Well, in the athletics world, until this year, this was so ingrained as fact that female athlete’s contracts were limited by the ‘threat’ of pregnancy. Effectively, have a baby, lose your sponsorship. 

So these incredible ladies tore up the regressive script (literally – see Nike and other top brand’s new stance on motherhood, maternity pay and sponsorship) and proved that impossible is just a word.

Never mind just coming back to a ‘good’ level after having a baby; these women DOMINATED.

And so can you. It’s your choice. You can choose to get back to fitness or to achieve a higher level than you were pre-baby.
Whatever your aims, be inspired, tear up the script, dominate.