“If you have a friend there, you’re in it together!”

Frankie Bachmann, 28, and Sam Faiers, 28, met by chance when they were both six months pregnant, and went to on form a friendship built on fitness, fun and the occasional cocktail…

“Sam and I met when she came over to my house to collect some post that had been delivered to her old address. We were both six months pregnant, Sam with her second baby and me with my first.  After chatting and realising we had a lot in common, we arranged to meet up for a coffee in the local cafe.

“I didn’t have any friends in Hertfordshire, and neither did Sam, so we soon bonded over motherhood and started hanging out. Our babies, Rosie and Henry, were born within two weeks of each other.

“At first, we’d hang out together and take the babies out for walks, but after ten weeks or so we decided to get fit together!  Health and fitness is something that is very important to both of us.

“Before I had a baby I was very active and comfortable with my body, but after pregnancy, I was looking in the mirror and not feeling like myself. And, it didn’t really matter how many times people told me I looked fine, I needed to feel it for myself. If you don’t feel like you, it can definitely have an impact on other areas of your life, mentally as well as physically.

“Sam and I started taking the babies swimming once a week, and after a while we even started going to the gym together every morning at 6am, so we’d have the rest of the day to do what we wanted. And some days, just getting out for walks together, getting out of the house and being active was just so important.  Sometimes, just putting the baby in the buggy and going out for a walk is the best thing you can do after a hard night.

“It really helped both Sam and I to have a friend there when getting back to fitness. We inspired each other and it just helps you to get out of the house when you know you have someone to go with. Some mums don’t like to go to the gym on their own, especially if they feel a bit body conscious. If you have a friend there, you’re in it together!

“Mum friends are a massive support, in fact, they are just as important as family. It’s someone there who is going through exactly what you are going through, at the same time, Sam and I swapped tips and advice on teething, sleep routines – everything! We even messaged each other in the middle of the night when we knew the other one would be awake too.

“Buump Active is a brilliant idea, if I’d not have bumped into Sam by chance and formed a friendship, the early months of motherhood would have been a different time for both of us. Buump will definitely help new mums to connect and meet up with other mums, it’s exactly what we need, and the fitness aspect helps us to feel like ourselves again and not just mums.

“Nowadays, Sam and I are more likely to catch up over dinner and cocktails as we live in different cities, but I will always be grateful for the support we gave each other in those earlier days of motherhood.”