Keeping yourself fit and healthy is one thing, but to get your kids to eat more fruit and veg is an entirely different kind of battle. Force-feeding banana and apple into a three-year-olds mouth is only going to result in a slimy mess covering the kitchen floor. That’s why we’ve put together a foolproof list of ways you can include more fruit and veg in your little one’s diets.

Smoothie Time

Kids love anything that they think resembles a milkshake. So why not jazz up a ‘strawberry milkshake’ with actual real strawberries? Maybe throw in some banana as well to try and get two of their five a day in. Pour into their favourite cup and add a wacky straw to help add to the illusion. You can then slowly introduce more ‘flavours’ (apples, mango, pineapple) and gradually increase their fruit intake.

We love this super easy strawberry and banana smoothie recipe from Berly’s Kitchen

filled clear drinking glass on top of white table


Frozen Goodies

We’re proud to announce that the freezer is now your friend! Name one child you know who doesn’t like ice lollies? Exactly. You can easily whip up a huge variety of ice lollies within a few minutes and serve them treats for days!

One ice lolly recipe that we really love right now is this super yummy blueberry and yoghurt lolly from the Daily Mail. It’s full of all the nutrients that your kiddies will need to get them through the day.

pink Popsicle with cherries on ice


Get Back To Nature

Why not make a day out of choosing your fruit and veg? There are ‘pick your own fruit farms’ up and down the country ideal for bringing the kids along to. They’ll be so happy that they’ve picked all their own fruit and veg that they’ll have to eat it!

blueberries on person's palm

Replace Sugar With The Healthy Stuff

It’s important to keep ‘snacking’ a part of your child’s menu. But rather than feeding them the bad stuff, you can switch it in for the good stuff! For example, instead of chocolate chip pancakes, substitute out the chocolate for banana and cinnamon – instant healthy snack!

pancake with strawberries


Give Them Supermarket Choice

Bring the kiddies along to the weekly shop and allow them to walk around and pick out fruit that they want to try! It will help to build their curiosity and get them to try new, healthy things.

bunch of vegetables