Being a new mum is tough, and knowing what to buy – and what not to buy – for your new bundle of joy can prove tricky.

At Buump Active, we are all about making life easier and more joyful for mums, so here are our top five swaps that are guaranteed to simplify your motherhood journey…

1. SWAP – Standard cot for Co-sleeping crib

Co-sleeping cribs such as the super popular Chicco Next2Me and the Snuzpod really come into their own in those early nights, especially if you have chosen to breastfeed.

They fit next to your bed and can be height-adjusted to make them perfectly snug and connected, so you’re right next to baby all night whilst also having your own space, and following safe sleep guidelines.

2. SWAP – Seatbelt baby seat for ISOFIX car seat and base

Baby travel systems and car seats either come with seatbelt fittings or ISOFIX bases. And although both are effective and safety tested, ISOFIX bases make your life much easier when getting your baby in and out of the car.

Most cars come with ISOFIX capabilities, and using this system reduced the risk of the car seat being incorrectly installed and provides a secure connection to the car at all times. What’s more, the base allows you to clip in the car seat in seconds rather than having to shimmy seatbelts around sleeping babies. Simples!

SWAP – Traditional baby monitor for smartphone baby monitor & camera


Listening out for baby with a monitor can provide peace of mind at any stage of your child’s first few years, but technology has moved on significantly since the standard noise-monitoring, cumbersome walkie-talkie style monitors were invented.

Smartphone-based monitoring systems feature HD ready video, motion, sound, humidity and temperature detection and connect directly to your smartphone, tablet or laptop so you can keep an eye on baby from wherever you are.

Check out this recent guide from MadeForMums to help you decide on the best one for you…

SWAP – Baby wipes for reusable cloth wipes

Standard baby wipes – although super useful and multi-purpose (believe us!) – have received a bad rep in recent years, and rightly so. Regular baby wet wipes are non biodegradable and can take up to 100 years to decompose due to the materials they are made with. They even hit the headlines recently when a giant football pitch-sized fatberg, made up of greasy deposits and discarded baby wipes, was found lurking in the Thames…

Although there are several great new eco-friendly brands out there, swapping to a reusable brand such as Cheeky Wipes, will save you money and save the environment in the long term. Cheeky wipes are made of microfibre cloth and come in a handy dispenser. According to some users, one wipe is enough for a big baby poo (lovely!) and they can be washed and reused again and again…

SWAP – Baby bath for bath support seat

There are many items out there for babies that are not completely necessary, and large stand-alone baby baths are definitely on their way out… Clever bath support systems such as the much-loved Angelcare Baby Bath Support Seat are ergonomically designed to support your baby in your own bath.

And, if you want to help the environment ever further, pass it on to another new mummy when your little one gets too big!

What are your must-haves or simple swaps to make your life easier? Share your mummy life hacks with us!