Summer holidays are almost here. Now we know what you’re all thinking *PANICK!!!* – how on earth am I going to get even a moment of time to myself? Well even though it’s a tough time to get through, there are still plenty of ways that you can stay productive and keep fit over the long summer months.


Whether you’ve got a sunny holiday booked or it’s simply heading down to the local leisure centre. Swimming is a fantastic low impact sport that you can do anywhere (with access to a pool or the sea at least!). If you are on holiday, go for a few laps around the pool or a dip in the sea.

The beauty of going for a swim is that you don’t have to be super fit – you can take it at your own pace and start to shed off the winter weight. It’s also a full body workout, so all your muscles will get the exercise that they need. It’s also great for increasing energy levels, which means that you can still rock out with the kids later on at the mini disco.

The added bonus is, the kids can be happily splashing around or chilling out in the kiddies pool, so there’s no need to worry about them getting bored or finding your own time in the day.

woman swimming on body of water

Go On A Run

With the sun shining bright, there’s really no excuse to not go out and enjoy the fresh air. Wake up early and get out before the kids start shouting for breakfast. Take it all at your own pace and enjoy the summery views.

It’s a great way to start burning the calories and is also said to drastically improve confidence levels and decrease stress. That way, you can start your day feeling bright and positive.

And why not jazz things up and invite the kids along? If you’re struggling to get out of the house, bring the kiddies along on their bikes and make it a fun race!

woman jogging near wire fence

Active Days Out

With the kids by your side 24/7, it’s important to schedule some family days out. So why not get the whole family fit and enjoy some activities together? This could be anything from a long walk through the park, to visiting the zoo or rock climbing! It might not feel like much, but it’s much better than lazing about in the garden.

silhouette photo of five person walking on seashore during golden hour

Eat Light

There are loads of summer-inspired recipes online to utilise. Why not try some out? Whether it’s a light salad, fruit smoothies or grilling veggies rather than burgers on the BBQ. Get inspired and creative. There are still plenty of things you can eat and drink that taste great without spending a lifetime on the hips!

pink Popsicle with cherries on ice

Take Part In A Team Sport

There are loads of adult team sports taking place at the minute. Whether it’s netball, rounders, football or tennis, find out what’s going on in your local community and get involved.

It’s a great way to meet like-minded mums and dads as well as a great way to help you stay in shape.

women playing lacrosse