Whether you’re ready or not, the Easter holidays are well and truly here. And if you’re stuck for places to visit over the next few up-coming bank holidays, then you’re in the right place. We’ve scoured the internet to help find the best places across the UK that you can visit with the whole family, whilst keeping fit. – Just don’t wear yourself out too quickly!

National Cycling Centre – Manchester

This activity will be totally different from anything that you’ve ever done before, and provides fitness for the whole family! What more? Well, it’s suitable for a whole range of ages, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

Cycling is a low impact sport, meaning that it will cause less strain and injuries than other forms of exercise. It’s also a great muscle workout, using all the major muscle groups. And unlike other sports, it’s easy! Once you’ve learned how to ride it of course…

It’s also a great way to strike up some healthy competition between family members. Ready? Set? Go!

Click the link for more info – http://www.nationalcyclingcentre.com/

Tree Top Trek – North West (Three Locations)

Where better to set your cheeky monkeys free than in the treetops of Heaton Park, Manchester?  There are three types of courses available, some of which are suitable for kiddies as young as 3 years old. The courses are made up of daring obstacles like balance bars, swinging logs and 24 knee-knocking zip wires!

Assault courses a great way to help both you and your youngsters build up muscle, conserve energy and dare to try new things! It’s, therefore, a great way to help you feel fit and in-shape, whilst enjoying each others company.

Click the link for more info – https://www.treetoptrek.co.uk/

Airhop – Bristol

Whatever better (and more fun) way to get fit than jumping around – jump, jump, jump around! Airhop in Bristol. It’s made up of a whopping 135 interconnected trampolines, a total wipeout zone and loads of elastic antics. There’s also a huge foam pit, dodgeball court and basketball hoops.

Trampolining has been scientifically proven to help to lose the calories while having fun and is an excellent way to stay fit as it works out your whole body. It’s all suitable for all age ranges, so you can all exercise together without even knowing it!

Click the link for more info – http://www.airhop-bristol.com/

The Climbing Academy – Bristol

Climbing is a great family activity that you can enjoy over Easter. Bouldering is a form of rock climbing free from ropes and harnesses. It is done on low height walls above crash mats. There is no minimum or maximum age for this activity, which makes it a great one for the youngsters.

This activity is great at helping to build muscles, particularly in your arms and thighs. It’s also a low impact cardio exercise which means it will help to improve your breathing and heart rate as well.

Click the link for more info – https://www.theclimbingacademy.com/