Want to start exercising but don’t have any childcare options?  This can be a common issue for many mums when they first have a baby and one that can feel like a roadblock when you want to get active again.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can crack on with your fitness goals and bring baby along for the ride, too.

Here are five ideas to give you some inspiration…

1. Invest in a running buggy

If you love running or you’d like to start, investing in a proper running buggy might be the answer to your prayers. Brands such as Baby Jogger, Out & About Nipper and Bugaboo all make buggies designed for running and jogging with, and – if the cost is slightly prohibitive – check out Facebook groups and eBay for second-hand bargains. 

Running buggies are designed with features such as larger wheels, extra suspension for all-terrain surfaces and hand brakes and straps. Luckily for us, Runners World Magazine compared the best options in a recent test feature, so check out the options and get going!

2. Find a gym with creche facilities

If you’re lucky enough to live near a gym that has creche facilities, take advantage and give it a whirl. If you were a gym bunny pre-kids, it can be hard to give it all up when you’ve had your baby.

If your little one is happy enough to be looked after for an hour or so, go for it – and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that baby will be entertained and looked after by childcare experts. No dramas!

3.  Walk, walk, walk

If you fancy a more outdoorsy, gentle type of exercise, just simply walking with your buggy or carrier is a brilliant way to get active. Set off earlier and walk to the park or baby class, and team up with a buddy so you have someone to chat to. You’ll hardly notice that you’re getting in shape, and the fresh air will be great for both you and baby,

If you do use a baby carrier rather than a buggy, test a few out first and find one that works for you and baby, and be mindful of your body and baby’s requirements while out walking.

4. Find a class that includes your baby

With so many active mums wanting to get back to fitness, there are loads of classes on offer that include your baby. Check out what’s on offer to you locally, but good ones to look out for are Baby Yoga, Buggy Boot Camp and even Stroller-cise in the park. Having a baby may feel overwhelming, but getting that active part of you back is so important, so get out, get active and make friends.

5. Childcare exercise classes

Some leisure centres and class instructors actually offer a service where you team up with a mummy friend and take it in turns to look after the kids while the other one works out.  These kind of classes are just stating to take off, so keep an eye out for one in your local area. If there isn’t one, suggest it to your nearby leisure centre or gym and get working out with your friends.

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