If spin classes send you into a sweaty spiral and pounding the treadmill makes you terrified, you might need to investigate some alternative ways to get fit. Luckily, Buump Active has you covered.

Here are four fun and fabulous ways to get fit without even realising it…

  1. Clubbercise

Created in 2014 by a bunch of friends who wanted to have some serious fun while working out, Clubbercise is the ultimate fitness class to try if you just love raving the night away.  Taught in a darkened room, participants are given flashing glow sticks to create a club vibe, and the moves are done to a serious soundtrack of 90s dance tracks and floor-filling anthems.  The workout is a mixture of dance moves, combat moves and traditional toning exercises, with low and high impact versions available for all fitness levels.

Even though you’ll break a sweat, you’ll be having so much fun singing along that you’ll be hard pushed to notice.  Grab your mummy friends, dig out your white gloves and whistles, and find your nearest Clubbercise class here.

2. Yogalates

A happy, heady fusion of Yoga and Pilates, Yogalates has really taken off in recent years. It mixes the best elements from both disciplines; the spiritual, deep breathing and peace of mind that comes with Yoga, and the core strengthening, posture-improving elements of Pilates. You’ll be flexible, chilled out and chakra-aligned, all at the same time!

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3. Geocaching

If you love country walks, hiking or even orienteering, geocaching is for you! Geocaching, in case you have never heard of it, is a global treasure hunt platform in which participants find geocaches (or “caches”) that are hidden all over the countryside. Simply download the official app and start finding them using GPS.  It’s the perfect outdoor activity for those who love a touch of adventure, and you’re sure to burn the calories, too! What’s more, you can do it with family, friends and the kids.

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3. Ballroom dancing

Get your cha cha on and waltz down to your local community centre or dance studio! Since Strictly burst onto our screens back in 2004 in a flurry of sequins and glitter, people all over the country have taken up ballroom and learnt the steps to all of the classics.  It’s fun, it’s aerobic, you get to wear snazzy outfits and you can do it with your mummy friends too. What’s not to love?

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What’s your favourite fun way to get fit?