With so much information available about being eco and environmentally friendly, it can be tricky to know where to start! But if you want to be a shining “eco-warrior” example to your kids, making small changes can be easier than deciding to live a completely zero waste, zen lifestyle…

Here are five small but simple ways you can be more eco-friendly as a mum…


Ditch the car and walk

woman walking in between trees

Easier said than done when you have a million and one things to do, but ditching the car and opting to walk to your friend’s house or baby group is a really impactful thing that you can do for the environment.

If it seems a bit daunting, try building up with some shorter trips or aim to replace just two or three journeys a week at first.

As well as saving the planet, you will save money, get fit, and get some fresh air for you and baby at the same time! Triple win!

Choose slow fashion or shop second hand

assorted-color clothes

Babies grow out of clothes at a rapid rate, and although it can be tempting to buy them beautiful new outfits all the time, consider opting for a second hand instead.

You may be lucky enough to have a friend with an older child who will hand things down, but if not, join some local mummy sale and swap groups or have a look for bundles on auction sites such as eBay. And, when baby has outgrown them, give them to someone else, or package them up for the charity shop.

If you prefer to buy new for special occasions or for activewear (as let’s face it, nobody wants second-hand gym leggings!) opt for sustainable or slow fashion brands. Buump Active favourite favourite ZAAZEE was created by a Manchester mum to be great quality, long lasting and timeless, so it will look great wash after wash, and never go out of style. Better to do your research and buy well rather than buying trendy fast fashion that will end up in the bin after a few wears.

Recent research by Sainsbury’s found that 235 million items of unwanted clothes were sent to landfill in Britain in Spring 2017 alone, so we all need to work hard to reverse the wasteful fast fashion trend.

Ditch the single-use plastic for better alternatives

bunch of assorted produce in brown wicker basket

Single-use plastic is everywhere – including in the ocean and in the landfill. The good news is that ditching single-use plastic is now big news, and retailers and brands are starting to take note and offer alternatives.

You can make some very simple small changes at home, too. Take your own bags to the shop, invest in some beeswax sandwich wraps, buy a reusable coffee cup, say no to plastic straws and choose a bamboo toothbrush or biodegradable cotton buds next time you need some.

If we all make little changes, it will add up to a big difference for our environment.

Give non-disposable nappies and wipes a go…

baby crawling on bed

Arggghhhhh noooo I hear you yell! If you still think non-disposables are all terry cloths, safety pins and endless stinky washes, you’d be wrong!

Achingly cool brands like TotsBots and Cheeky Wipes are growing in popularity, as more mums move away from the eco nightmares that are baby wipes and disposable nappies.

Do your research and give them a go! You’ll save money, too.

Find some eco-alternatives for bath time

white ceramic bathtub

Using plastic-free alternatives for bath time such as shampoo bars and soap bars is a great start – shop around for little brands online or visit your local whole foods store, as many of them also sell locally made eco-friendly products. You could even have a go at making your own!

For you, Lush sells a huge range of bars and bath bombs – and the retailer has just opened its first “naked” packaging free store in Manchester.

Tell us your favourite eco mum tip!