Getting your fitness mojo back after becoming a mum can be hard. Your body has changed, your day to day life has transformed immeasurably, your fitness levels have no doubt dropped and you have a small person (or people!) to look after.

Many of your pre-pregnancy friends may have different schedules and more freedom, and sometimes, finding time for fitness and self-care can take a back seat to the needs of others.

If you were an active person before baby, this can feel frustrating and knock your confidence, but did you know that finding a friend to exercise with can boost your chances of success and get you back into the swing of things?

Here are seven reasons why working out with a buddy is best…

Mutual Motivation

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Getting back into fitness post-partum can feel like climbing a mountain. It can be far easier to snuggle up indoors with the little ones, or put your work out off for another day, especially if the sky is grey and the rain is falling. But, finding a work out partner can be hugely motivating, and provide that mental push when required.

Your work out buddy can motivate you along the way – and encouraging each other with positive words can have a huge effect on your combined confidence levels and give you that boost when you’re not feeling in the zone. Say yeah, huh!

Staying accountable

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Setting achievable goals is a sure-fire way of improving success when getting fit, but setting them solo and trying to stick to your guns isn’t always easy. Having a work out buddy will keep you accountable, keep your goals in sight and keep your achievements on track.

Whether you want to run for longer or further, bench press more at the gym, get to the park for buggy fitness every morning, fit back into your old jeans or just work out several times a week and stick to a schedule, making a plan together and pushing each other to reach your targets will help you to stay focused.

It’s more fun

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Working out alone can be isolating, but getting fit as a pair or in a group can be fun! Laughing, chatting and getting to know each other can make fitness enjoyable, and the minutes and hours will pass quickly if you’re having a great time.  What’s not to love?

There’s safety in numbers

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If you love running or venturing out in the great outdoors rather than pounding the treadmill at the gym, it can be a bit scary if you’re on your own – especially if your free time falls early in the morning or in the evenings.

Running, walking or cycling with a buddy can take away the fear, and it’s much safer to stick together if you’re planning to explore rural areas or quiet backstreets.  Don’t forget the high vis gear and torches too!


Believing others have more friends could make you unhappy

The friends that you make as a new mum can be your friends for life. They understand your pain points more than most, and they can feel like your comrades as you navigate the sleepless nights, teething and weaning together.

Chances are that you will get very close indeed to your new work out buddy, so embrace the opportunity to get to know each other and you’ll quickly become firm friends.

Fitness inspo!

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Trying new things when getting fit can save you from getting bored or stuck in your comfort zone, and working out with a buddy can provide inspiration when your need it.

Perhaps one of you used to love Pilates pre-pregnancy, and the other always wanted to try a spin class? Take the other one along for the ride and you’ll soon find more ways of getting fit together that you can both enjoy.

It can be cost-effective

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Getting fit can be a pricy affair, but working out with a buddy could help you to split costs such as petrol, parking and even the price of a PT should you fancy hiring one.

Tandem exercise classes are becoming more popular too, where you work out with a friend and you take it, in turn, to look after the kids. Exploring opportunities like this can help you to save money while getting healthy and fit. Boom!

Buump Active was created for women like you, who want to connect with like-minded mummies for friendship and fitness. If you’re just starting out on your post-baby fitness journey, why not use the app to find mums in your area that want to join you?